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Monday, May 24, 2010

My background

Well I'm originaly from Panama, so my first language is Spanish, but I live in Florida. So my English can be funny, sometimes.  I like everything GADGET. Yes I'm a technology junkie and I love it. I'm an advanced computer user but no Einstein. I like helping people, but don't be pushy. I made this blog so people can find and understand different types of hacks and mods. So they can find answers for thier questions about technology and the importance of knowing how things work. Also I will make reference about products: like features, performance, hackability(lol yes I said that), specs, compare, and price. So if you would like me to review a product and is under my power to do so, then I will. Keep in mind that I'm making guides and posting hacks that might not be mine, but I  want to post them for easy find, on this blog. In case that I post/make guides that are not mine, I will post links to the original and/or give credit to user/person that originaly posted or created and if you find a guide here that you are 100% sure is yours or you helped put together or helped in any type or form. Please contact me to give credit and link the guide to the rightful owner.
I will be remaking guides that are not clear or easy to understand, and I'll try to make them with images of every step. All guides here work 100% and have been tested by me unless I  specify otherwise; in  case the guide is a request from a fellow user. Most guides will be made as picture tutorial but in some cases I will include a video tutorial too. If you have a guide you would like to share or want me to remake or a product review, please contact me, guides will be tested  and posted as soon as they are found as 100% working. 

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