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Friday, May 28, 2010

Screen shot tutorials

ok so if you wonder how people make tutorial with screen shots to ilustrate the guides. its easy, you dont need to download anything, if you are using windows vista or windows 7.

 all you need is something called snipping tool.
 located in the accesories menu, this little tool is very powerful. allowing you take picture of your screen and save them as JPEG, GIF or PNG.

one other tool you can use with this tool is the prt sc shortcut key in the keyboard. this takes a screenshot of the entire screen. now this is useful if you need to take a screen shot of an active menu or window, cinse and active windows will disappear once you fireup snipping tool. to do this just paste by pressing ctrl+v to paint or any other program you like, then using snipping tool, you can grab that portion of the screen to make it into a picture or screen shot.

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