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Monday, May 31, 2010

Win7 Windows Services tweaks

Well from my experience tweaking services, i have found that setting this services to manual, Safely  improve performance but keeps the functionality of the services, if needed at a later time. please read the description of the services you are changing setting to. make sure you don't need this services to run at start up or automatically.  Do this at your own risk and responsibility.

1.Application Experience
2.Computer Browser
3.Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
4.Diagnostic Policy Service
5.Distributed Link Tracking Client
6.IP Helper
7.Offline Files
8.Portable Device Enumerator Service
9.Print Spooler
10.Protected Storage
11.Remote Registry
12.Secondary Logon
13.Security Center
15.Tablet PC Input Service
16.TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
18.Windows Error Reporting Service
19.Windows Media Center Service Launcher
20.Windows Search
21.Windows Time

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